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Polish Medical Translations for healthcare providers, pharmaceutical and medical companies

Medical translations with a clean bill of health

Medical translations are among the most complex and demanding of translation specialisations. They must be performed with particular precision and care, as medical information involves challenging terminology and complex structure. Because of this, it is important to choose an experienced and professional translation agency to fulfil your expectations.

At TEXTOLOGY we translate a wide range of medical documents, from clinical trial protocols and patient information leaflets to hospital discharge letters.

We match each project individually with the specific medical subject area in question, so our clients have the guarantee that their medical document will be prepared by native translation experts with extensive knowledge in the relevant field of specialisation. This ensures that the written document is translated accurately, with appropriate understanding of the source, and that consistent terminology is preserved in the medical translation.

Many medical documents, especially manuals or user guides for medical devices, are extensive texts containing multiple repetitions of the same phrases and terms. At TEXTOLOGY we recommend using Translation Memory for every high volume translation project, because in this way we can ensure consistent, accurate and cost-saving Polish medical translations without sacrificing the highest standards of quality.

Moreover, client-specific glossaries and terminology databases are very helpful for both current and future projects, allowing us to adapt each translation with the language that our clients expect us to use.






Please visit our Specialised Translation page to see more examples of our translations for the medical industry.

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