Document Translation Services

Overcoming cultural and communication barriers with the written word

Our document translation service ensures that your content is analysed and translated in precise detail

We offer a wide range of document translation services from our office in London. We understand translation as a process of transferring the meaning of your original content into the target language in written form, in order to convey meaning clearly and effectively.

In order to produce well-crafted target content it is important to bear several factors in mind during the translation process: the purpose of the target content, the location of the target group, where the target content will be used, the appropriate and consistent use of specific terminology, grammar, local conventions, style, register, and finally the format of the finished document.

We guarantee:

  • A consistent and accurate translation of your document
  • Native formatting applied to the translation
  • Successful communication in English or Polish
Document translation and language services

Our translation services cover the following specialist fields:

AT TEXTOLOGY, our Polish translation services are charged based on the total number of words of the source file and the level of difficulty of the original content.