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Translations that do justice to your legal documentation

As with medical translation, when it comes to legal translation, the fate of human lives can be at stake; so too can the future of a company.

The translation expert therefore needs to be familiar with and fully understand the terminology of the specific content, otherwise linguistic mistakes, misinterpretations and even errors in punctuation could have severe consequences.

We know how important to our clients is time, that’s why a translation of documents is carried out within the agreed time frame at a reasonable price.

The most commonly translated written documents types we work with are:

  • Business contracts
  • Commercial agreements
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Resolutions
  • Articles of Associations
  • Judicial files
Professional translation of legal and financial documents
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Scope of legal translation services

TEXTOLOGY  – translation agency based in London – can provide you with professional polish translators experts to help you communicate with a Polish audience within the legal field. Our team also can translate medico-legal content such as medical agreements, injury claim files for insurance companies, corporate reports, and civil law claims for medical negligence or personal injury.

We provide confidential translations of legal documentation, including:

  • Patents
  • End-user agreements
  • Non‑disclosure agreements
  • Agreements for the Sale of Goods
  • Sales Representative Agreement
  • Policies of the company
  • Internal communication
  • Insurance claims
  • Witness statements
  • Documentation for medical negligence case
  • Injury claim forms
  • Regulatory documentation
  • Articles of association
  • … and many more.

What is legal translation?

Term legal translation refers to translation of documents used within the legal system. Translations are prepared by high-class linguists, who use their in-depth knowledge in the field of the legal sector. The scope of legal translations includes documents relating to criminal law, civil law, commercial companies law, court documentation as well as contracts and patents.

By entrusting us with the translation of legal documents, you have the guarantee that the vocabulary will be accurate and consistent with the terminology applicable in a given country. We cooperate only with native speakers, who not only have high linguistic skills but also have experience in the legal industry.

Official legal translations

We offer professional and trustworthy translations that are certified and legally recognized in the United Kingdom and other countries.

In legal documents, specific terminology is used. That’s why in translating such documents, extensive knowledge of the legal system acting in a targeted country is needed. At TEXTOLOGY we recommend taking advantage of the Terminology Management System to ensure consistent, accurate and excellent quality translations. Utilizing the Terminology Management System is also cost and time-saving. Translations are made quick but with keeping high accuracy and trustworthy.

Please visit our Specialised Translation page to see more examples of our translation we provide.

Legal Translations from Polish or English

We have a large number of experienced and certified translators who easily translate legal documentation from one of the selected languages into Polish or English.

Find out more about our excellent, accurate and certified polish legal translations. Send us a quote with detailed information on what kind of translations you need and you get a free cost estimation. We will be happy to discuss your project.

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