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Additional proofreading for peace of mind

Two pairs of eyes are always better than one to improve the quality of your translated content and ensure the highest professional standards

Whether you are looking for Polish legal translation services, a medical or scientific specialism or general business translation,our translation process already includes proofreading for your peace of mind. However, if another linguist has already translated your original content and you would like it to be double checked in terms of grammar, spelling, correct style and register as well as accuracy of terminology.

This is especially important if your work relates to a technical specialism. For instance, we provide expert Polish medical translation services and so we are well-versed in the specific vocabulary for this field, whereas a general translator may lack this particular level of knowledge. Similarly, our Polish legal translation services provide highly accurate technical translations thanks to our intimate knowledge of the precise terminology of both source and target languages.

We will provide you with a set of files: the first with tracked changes applied so that you can see our changes and/or comments, and the second as a clean file free of any marked changes and/or comments.

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We are happy to provide our proofreading services for your translated documents. Contact us to find out how additional proofreading can make all the difference to your translated texts.

We strongly recommend cross-checking the following documents:

  • Ready to print brochures
  • Commercial materials
  • Website content
  • Industry-specialised articles and publications

At TEXTOLOGY, our proofreading services are charged on an hourly basis. The number of hours is estimated based on the total number of words of the source file and the quality of the translated content.

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