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Polish Technical Translations for international electronic, engineering and construction companies

Technical Communication Through Translation

Technical information covers a wide range of topics including science and technology and in some cases also medicine. This type of translation is therefore very complex and challenging, since the content is itself technical in nature.

Our experienced Polish translators are able to convey the written document from different fields of science into the target language while clearly reflecting the source, and keeping the country-specific technical equivalences in the translation. Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide you and your company the best and most accurate translation of a technical documents form one of selected language into English or Polish. The most common documents that need translation into Polish are:

  • Software user guides
  • Specialised reports
  • CAD documentation
  • Safety data sheets
  • Training materials
  • E-learning materials
  • Electronic product catalogues

Complex technical documents with large volumes of text often contain repeated terms and phrases. At TEXTOLOGY we recommend using Translation Memory for these larger scale projects, in order to achieve technical translations which are cost-efficient as well as being consistent, accurate and of the highest quality.

Similarly to medical translation projects, client-specific glossaries and terminology databases are valuable in allowing us to adapt our translations with the language that our clients expect us to use.

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