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In TEXTOLOGY we know that translating official documentation is a challenging task, one that should be given over to professionals whose qualifications in this field are undeniable. We fully realise the wide range of difficulties that the translator needs to handle when attending to such a task, along with all the major implications that may arise from any violation of the quality of the translation. The translated document needs to conform to the strict rules of accuracy and linguistic correctness and reflects the highest possible degree of knowledgeability and perfect correspondence to the original document.

Understanding this, we guarantee that our certified translator specialists are perfectly able to provide true and accurate translations of all sorts of the official documentation, including industrial, legal, business, or medical documents. We cooperate with experts that specialise in the relevant fields and have all the necessary competencies to provide certified document translations required for official purposes.

Certified translations in the key sectors

Our offer is constantly expanding, as we do know how important it is to live up to the expectations of our clients. With this aim, we take a good deal of care to make sure our services are perfectly tailored to your needs: we provide certified translations of medical and technical documentation, various business materials, and a broad range of legal documents. The examples of the above include medical correspondence, manuals, user guides, websites, agreements, statements, policies, and more, all of the exemplary quality.

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In cooperation with expert translators

We work with highly competent certified translators and language specialists, whose professionalism and expertise guarantee the successfulness of every single translation. Our teams of experts are capable of carrying out official translations from Polish and into Polish.

All the translated documents are thus deprived of even the slightest indication of error, inaccuracy or potentially risky omission, which is of vital importance when a given document is to be submitted to government agencies, organisations, or companies. What is more, all our texts sound 100% natural in the target language, which contributes vastly to their overall quality. All those aspects can be achieved due to perfect command of the language combined with great expertise in a certain field on our translators’ part. If you are looking for remarkably efficient services provided by knowledgeable and qualified translators, at a competitive price, with our translation agency, your needs will be met!

Professional service and support

As one of the most renowned translation companies in the UK, we make every effort to provide our clients not only with the best certified translations but also with advice and support. Given that you may not be familiar with the target language, we do realize that you may need some guidance throughout the whole process. With professional advice offered by our consultants, you will definitely not feel lost or confused. We are proud to provide you with fully comprehensive service!

We are ISO 9001 International Process accreditation certified, so you know that your content is in the right and trustworthy hands.

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    What is a certified translation?

    It is a translation that requires confirmation (i.e., a certificate issued by a translation company) that the final text is equivalent to the original version and is of the same legal value. If the signature of a notary is required in order to ensure that legal formalities have been overseen, we talk about notarised translation.

    For more on this subject, see the article: Certified translations – everything you should know about them

    Are certified and sworn translations the same?

    The two terms are not the same. Basically, they differ in sets of formal requirements that must be fulfilled in order to ensure that a foreign document will be accepted by the authorities of a given country. Confusion between the meaning of “sworn translation” and “certified translation” results from the fact that the former term is not officially recognized in certain countries, e.g., the UK, the USA or Australia; the latter is used there instead. In Poland, on the other hand, the two terms are frequently considered interchangeable.

    Why do I need a certified translation?

    This type of translation is required in many countries in case of translating personal documents for various formal procedures (immigration purposes, employment, education, business activity) and for legal purposes.

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