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The best quality of English language services

TEXTOLOGY aims to offer a new quality in the field of language translation of texts into English. We want to offer our clients more, therefore we offer professional translations in multiple languages. Both the quality of our services and how we deliver them are to benefit the client and give him the confidence that his most sensitive and important documents are in good hands. For this reason, we only work with Certified English Translation Specialists. We respect our clients’ time and money and recognize that poorly translated texts can often lead to weeks or months of delay – especially when it comes to business documents, medical or legal translations. Our certified translators and specialist English linguists have all the necessary competencies and certificates to ensure that our clients are free from this type of risk when using our professional services. Our priority is to ensure that all texts translated into English that you receive from us are always accepted in offices or institutions, and in the case of marketing texts – that your recipients and potential new customers always feel that the texts they read are 100% natural in their native language.

High quality translation services for business, industrial, medical and legal sector

We never cease to work on expanding our offer to meet the demand for a variety of certified translations from English and into English. We add new types of professional translation services to our offer daily, starting new cooperations with experienced translators and linguists. Today, we are proud to be able to offer English translations in a wide range of fields, including medical, legal, technical and marketing materials (business translations). We specialize in NDA agreements, patient diaries, internal medical correspondence, medical documents, safety data sheets, manuals, user guides, sales content, websites, specification sheets, claims, statements, policies, software localization and much more. Get in contact with us and let us know what type of content it is that you need translated and rest assured that we will make every effort to make sure your translations are simply impeccable.

English translation services
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English translations of the highest quality

The quality of specialist translations in English that we offer is achieved through the combination of experience, attention to detail and the use of state-of-the-art translation tools. Every professional translator who works for us utilises professional-grade translation software and terminology resources. Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain the highest quality translations with outstanding efficiency. This influences our very competitive prices. Our goal is to offer access to high-quality translations from and to English for a wide range of customers.

Our translations meet the strictest standards and legal regulations in the countries of the target language. This is the case both with texts for official purposes – English legal, medical, financial or technical translations – and with marketing texts. We know from experience all the pitfalls and risks associated with imprecise translations. Often, a seemingly insignificant error may decide between the acceptance and rejection of a document, so we make every effort to ensure that in our translations there are no mistakes or omissions.

Professional language services with comprehensive support

We are aware that the translation process of English documents may be quite confusing or stressful – after all, most of our clients do not understand the content they receive, because they do not speak the target language. That’s why our translation agency always does its best to make sure they feel taken care of and supported throughout the entire process. We offer consultation and professional advice from dedicated project manager when needed.

We are ISO 9001 International Process accreditation certified, so you know that your content is in the right and trustworthy hands.

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    Our translation services in English

    English Specialist Translations


    What is the translation process at our translation agency?

    English translation project goes through three stages: translation, editing and proofreading. Thanks to our network of linguist specialist we are able to provide professional language solutions for your business.

    How is the price of the translation service calculated?

    Certified translation services at TEXTOLOGY – professional translation agency – are charged based on the total number of words of the source file and the level of difficulty of the original document.

    How should I submit the original content for translation services?

    We accept documents in Word or pdf format. You can send them to us either directly via email or through our estimation page

    How long will it take to complete the requested translation service?

    We will do our best to fulfil your expectations regarding the fastest possible turnaround time. However, please note that all translation projects are different from one another in terms of the project size, the degree of difficulty of the source content as well as its readability.

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