If you take care to spend some time thinking about how you can accelerate or improve your business, the chances are you have already considered implementing audio transcription into your business strategy. You haven’t? That’s just fine. You may simply not be aware of the potential benefits audio transcription can bring to you. Which is exactly why you should read this article. Stay tuned.

What is audio transcription?

The simplest definition of the process we call audio transcription is converting spoken words included in an audio file into written text. In other words, it is a written account of any communication that takes place verbally. Although the sole concept of transcribing human voice can hardly be regarded as a novel (just recall watching courtroom proceedings or attending public conferences), these days the definition has been expanded to embrace digital recordings as well. So, it is possible to transcribe audio from a variety of files, be it an interview recording, a film, a webinar, or a video file of any sort.

How can audio transcription work be done?

In order to transcribe verbal content into a written text, you can either look for a company that offers the services of professional transcribers or make use of special transcription software. People are still ahead of machines when it comes to providing almost impeccable accuracy and being alert to nuances of language and a variety of factors such as context or phonetic ambiguity of a given word. Therefore, relying on a human component can guarantee the high quality of the transcription process.

Making use of automated audio transcription service, on the other hand, is an unquestionable investment in time efficiency since machines work considerably faster than people. What causes concern is that they lack the intuitiveness typical of human beings and are thus believed to produce less accurate results. However, it can’t be denied that the field of automated transcription is being constantly explored with the objective of upgrading already existing tools and making them less prone to mistakes. A great deal of success in this matter has already been achieved, so technology is now much more dependable and more eagerly trusted than it used to be.

Today’s world of business emphasizes productivity and effectiveness. The best scenario is when the two objectives are achieved at a relatively fast pace, but still, at no expense of high- quality of delivered services or products. In light of the above, combining the power of highly efficient automatic tools and the still unequalled potential of the human brain is what seems to be worth considering while deliberating over choosing the right solution. Especially, if you are interested in acquiring impressively accurate transcriptions with a short turnaround time.

Exploring the potential of audio transcription

Audio transcription services are what you may need if you aim at upgrading your business activity and ensuring your company’s further growth. But in what way can audio transcription really be helpful and conducive to the development of your business endeavours? And which sectors or fields are particularly likely to benefit from it? Let’s have a look at some examples of how verbal language transcription can help change your status quo.

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Create valuable content faster

Imagine you are a journalist whose task is to write informative and compelling articles. Gaining knowledge is obviously a vital part of the preparation process. Collecting necessary data is often inextricably linked with conducting interviews, or basically, talking to people who might shed some light on the issues you need to probe into. And this is precisely why automated transcription can be of great assistance to you. Not only can you focus entirely on what is being said, instead of dividing your attention between note-taking and acquiring information, but you can also save a great amount of time not having to write down every single word by yourself. Also, having the speech content transcribed reduces the risk that you might have failed to catch some important details during taking notes.

Getting the most out of video files

Video production is another sector that may benefit hugely from audio transcriptions. And it is not hard to imagine why. You might have found yourself in a situation in which you wanted to watch a video file, but you couldn’t turn the sound on, either because the feature wasn’t accessible or due to the circumstances (people, location, etc.). Being able to watch the desired content without the necessity of listening to it would have been a blessing, wouldn’t it? Or maybe it actually was, assuming that this experience did happen and the file of your choice was equipped with captions. What’s more, all video content creators should bear in mind that subtitling and captioning also facilitate viewers’ understanding, which is particularly significant in case a video includes such factors as background noise, foreign languages, incomprehensible accents or dialects, etc.

Audio transcription in the market and academic research

Whether you are a company owner who wants to attract consumers or an academic whose main objective is to analyse information essential to a breakthrough project, converting audio to a written format is a step towards greater effectiveness. How? By analysing an audio transcript of an interview with customers who have been testing your new products, you can get valuable feedback that will help you streamline your production process. Or, as a leader of your academic research project, you may use audio recording and transcription as basic techniques that will help you sift through data, discover patterns or examine hypotheses.

Audio transcription in translation

Audio transcription services are also of help to translators and interpreters. As a professional of this kind, you might be asked to convert verbal content included in video or audio files into another language. Having a written record is an invaluable contribution to your work, as you have something to resort to if you encounter factors that obscure the clarity of the spoken word. It also gives you highly desired reassurance that you will manage to complete the task faster and with accuracy your customers expect and demand (crucial, particularly if you deliver certified translations). It appears that automatic transcription—similarly to automatic translation —is likely to boost the effectiveness of translators’ work, make them less concerned about potential complications and save them some precious time.

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Audio transcription to make life easier

Although we provided only a handful of examples, there is no doubt that many industries can benefit from audio transcription, and some of them currently are. Whenever the success of your actions depends on producing content, sharing it with your partners during online meetings or conferences or conducting analyses for the sake of optimizing your strategy or fuelling your educational or scientific endeavours, audio transcription emerges as a great tool that pushes your business in the right direction.

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