We offer a wide range of document translation services from our office in London. We understand translation as a process of transferring the meaning of your source content into the target language in written form, in order to convey meaning clearly and effectively.

In order to produce well-crafted target content it is important to bear several factors in mind during the translation process: the purpose of the target content, the location of the target group, where the target content will be used, the appropriate and consistent use of specific terminology, grammar, local conventions, style, register, and finally the format of the finished document.

AT TEXTOLOGY, our Polish translation services are charged based on the total number of words of the source file and the level of difficulty of the source content.


Whether you are looking for Polish legal translation services, a medical or scientific specialism or general business translation, our translation process already includes proofreading for your peace of mind. However, if another linguist has already translated your source content and you would like it to be double checked in terms of grammar, spelling, correct style and register as well as accuracy of terminology, please do get in touch with us here so that we can provide you with a free estimate for this service.

This is especially important if your work relates to a technical specialism. For instance, we provide expert Polish medical translation services and so we are well-versed in the specific vocabulary for this field, whereas a general translator may lack this particular level of knowledge. Similarly, our Polish legal translation services provide highly accurate technical translations thanks to our intimate knowledge of the precise terminology of both source and target languages.

We will provide you with a set of files: the first with tracked changes applied so that you can see our changes and/or comments, and the second as a clean file free of any marked changes and/or comments.

AT TEXTOLOGY, our proofreading & editing services are charged on an hourly basis. The number of hours is estimated based on the total number of words of the source file and the quality of the translated content.


We also offer specialised Polish translation from Audio. With our Audio Transcription service, we will be able to:

  1. Transcribe your media file(s) into a written form only; or
  2. Transcribe your media file(s) into a written form and then translate it to provide a translated transcription; or
  3. Translate directly from your media file(s) into a written form.

This is a particularly popular option in relation to the Polish medical and pharmaceutical translation services we offer. To enquire about our Polish translation from Audio service, please send your media file(s) via the ‘contact us’ page here so that we can check the quality of the media file(s) and confirm a free estimate of turnaround time, as well as the cost of the options above.


We are based in London, but our team work largely in Poland and other target countries across Europe and beyond. Because of this, we understand first-hand that in order for us to help you with your business growth in Poland (or to help Polish businesses expand their potential abroad) it is crucial for your website to be correctly translated from and into the Polish language. The main goal is to ensure that your website is adapted in a way that will suit your particular audience in their specific locale. That is why it is crucial to understand how to properly transfer culture-specific language use into the target culture.

If you would like to discuss details of the translation and localisation of your website, please contact us about our website translation services at our London office and we will come back to you with further details.

Translation memory
management & alignment

We can create a Translation Memory (TM) for your company in order to ensure that future projects are translated consistent with previously translated content, which may also reduce your costs for repeated content. In this way, whether you are using our document translation services, our website translation services or our translation from audio services, we can ensure that you will not pay for translating the same content twice when you work with us in future.

If you already have previously translated content which is not saved in any TM, we can take care of that as well in a process known as the alignment of previously translated texts. We will match the source and target content in pairs and we will create and save them in your own TM, which you will be able to use for your future language projects.

If you are looking for reliable, efficient and expert document translation services, please drop us an email here in London so that we can provide you with a free estimate for the alignment service.


Establishing your own term bases and/or specialised glossaries will save you the trouble and time of matching the correct and appropriate domain-specific terms with the correct context of your source content.

At TEXTOLOGY we can help you to create a term base and/or glossary that you can use for future projects to avoid terminological inconsistencies. This can be especially advantageous if your work involves a technical specialism such as our Polish pharmaceutical translation services, where precision and accuracy of vocabulary are crucial to an effective medical translation.

Please drop us an email so that we can provide you with a free estimate for creating a term base from your past translated content.


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