Although our headquarters are in London...

In the TEXTOLOGY team most of our fellow linguists are based in Poland in order to ensure that the translated content into Polish will be accepted by the Polish audience also based in Poland.

In case the content is translated from Polish into English or into Polish for the Polish audience located abroad, or into other European language, then our qualified linguists are based in the target country such as Great Britain or the United States or any other European country into which the content is translated.

Textology from the kitchen

TEXTOLOGY is a translation business, which involves a team of hand‑picked professional native linguistic experts and its director and simultaneously senior project manager, Ewa Nitoń-Greczuk, takes care of all client and linguist communication. Ewa is also a professional translation expert in medicine, pharmaceutics and engineering.

Professional highlights of Ewa

Professional & academic background

  • BA (Hons) in Translation Middlesex University, London
  • MSc in Specialised Translation (Medical, Technical, Scientific) with Translation Technology University College London
  • SDL Trados Certified See certificate


  • Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI)


  • An Evaluation of SMT in Medical Context December 2016 Read article

Our daily workflow step by step

Each project that we take care of goes through the following
stages of the production process:

  1. Request of a client
  2. Project assessment
  3. Project confirmation
  4. Translation stage
  5. Proofreading stage
  6. Quality assessment stage
  7. Project delivery
  8. Approval of the client
  9. Project finalisation
  10. Invoicing

In addition, while working on your project we can use your own translation memory and/or glossary. By applying your past translated content and approved terminology, we will ensure then that the target content will maintain consistency with your previously translated content.

Quality control

A second pair of eyes is always beneficial in order to double‑check the quality of the translated content.

At TEXTOLOGY every text is proofread by a second native speaker (unless a desired project deadline is too tight and you agree not to involve the proofreader).


My team and I treat all documents as confidential. Personal and corporate data are not revealed to third parties, and we always adhere to specific professional guidelines.

Information for linguists

We are growing fast and if you feel that you are a talented professional linguist, who specialises in the field as we do, and you translate from or into Polish, please send your up‑to‑date resume to:

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